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Farm Director Angela Andre out standing in her field.

Phoenix Farm Enterprises, Inc.

Farming for the

“Seventh Generation “

Farming for the “Seventh Generation” is based on the Native American philosophy, that the practices you use today will not negatively impact the Seventh Generation to come.

Phoenix Farm dedicated to using farming practices and techniques that work with Nature and the ecological systems of our farm. We strive to conserve and enhance our soil, water, plant and animal resources.

We use landscape cloth that we reuse for several years. Less weeding means less soil disturbance, and the landscape cloth lets the soil breath and holds moisture and heat.

As an enterprise farm we are a group of farmers and food crafters, working together to integrate all aspects of the farm and to provide delicious, nutritious and sustainable food for our community.

Intern Beth became a “master seeder” and went on to work at Adaptive Seeds.

One of our major goals is education, training the next generation of farmers, as well as the next Generation of consumers, by offering  agripreneurships, internships, classes and tours.

Angela leading Chicken Raising 101 Workshop for the local community

For more information contact

Farm Director,  Angela Andre


541 510 8888


Farm Director Angela Andre, came to Oregon in 1973 as a “back to the land-hippie”, and owned and worked a 60 acre back woods farm in the Coast Range for 30 years.   Learning from the “good ol’ boys” and a lot of trial and error, as well as a degree in Natural Resource Education from OSU, Angela uses her skills and knowledge to run the farm and provide education and training for interns, agripreneurs, school groups and the public.

Angela believes in the power of cooperation and has helped to form several groups to help people work together for the “greater good”. In 1976 she created the Lincoln County Small Farmers’ Assoc. and started the Newport Farmers’ Market, which is still running today.  She is also the founder of the Heart of the Valley Growers’ Cooperative.

Students get some hands on experience planting potatoes as part of a Farm to School Field Day.

Phoenix Farm moved our farm in September 2020, to my new location, 6 acres located at 385 Delay Dr. Eugene Or 97404. I have reduced the amounts of product but the new farm will still be producing our quality, humanely and sustainably raised meats and eggs.

Products available at our Farm Stand and through our Custom Boxes.

The farm produces pasture and humanely raised meats and eggs, vegetables grown using organic practices.

The power of poop.

To farm in an ecological manner, we strive to be a “full circle” farm.  We create the fertility that grows the crops that feeds the animals that make the fertility. We use farming practices to help create the most nutritious food possible.  We do not use herbicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, hormones or prophylactic anti-bionics on the farm.

King of the Compost Pile

Our humanely and pasture raised livestock include: Boer X goats for meat and some milk and breeding stock and Khatatin sheep for lamb and breeding stock.  We pasture raise and feed GMO free feed to our chickens for eggs and meat, and ducks for meat and eggs and we have raised turkeys as well.  We also raise rabbits for meat in small groups in pens on the ground (not in cages)   They are fed live greens daily. 

“Big Money” turkeys on the field, in our mobile housing made with recycled billboard tarps

“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repurpose,  Rethink” is  a big part of the ethos of Phoenix Farm.   You will see it everywhere on the farm, from our recycled billboard tarp roofs and animal shelters, as well as the repurposed food storage barrels and buckets turned into waterers and feeders, and materials from Bring Recycling in every building project. But our compost is  the top of the pile of our waste reuse projects, taking all food and animal waste and turning it into “garden gold”.

Phoenix Farm Enterprises, Inc