Farming for the “Seventh Generation” means farming with practices that will enhance our farms ecology, leaving it better than we found it, and training and educating the next generation of farmers and consumers to understand the “hows and whys”.

Internships, Agripreneurships and Volunteering with Phoenix Farm

One of our main goals of Phoenix Farm is to provide learning opportunities for all levels and kinds of learners, from preschoolers to college students, non profit groups interested in agriculture to the general public, we are dedicated to helping people understand how to grow food in a way that is regenerative not destructive to our environment.

Sorry we no longer offer live on the farm internships.

Farm Tours and Workshops

Look for upcoming Poultry Workshops, and Fork in the Field meals this summer season.

School Groups

In the past we have been able to host school groups as part of the Farm to School Program, but they cut the funding for the field trips, wish they’d bring it back.

I do love working with Home School Groups or parents interested in having their kids have a hands-on farm experience. Contact angela@interact-nature.com to set up a farm adventure.